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  • bird control
  • chimney spark arresters
  • tile
  • shake
  • shingle asphalt
  • gravel
  • tar
  • residential and commercial.

When we come out to your home or office we don't always recommend a new roof. We certainly will recommend it if we feel your building or home needs one, but many times the repair can be less costly and time consuming than you might anticipate.

Leaks, for instance don't always necessitate a full replacement roof. Our roofing contractors are fast but they know what to look for when they inspect a leaking roof. That's because they've spent years in the field getting to understand the whole concept of what is going on with roofs and what causes them to leak or rot or have any other type of damage. Our roofers will show you what's going on, too. They will show you each and every item on their checklist and what it means to the whole picture. Just because your ceiling has a leak above the dining doesn't mean the origin of the leak is directly above that point in the roof. The initial roof leak could be fifteen feet away.  

Our Menlo Park roofers are on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week for emergency services. But why wait until there's an emergency? We can give you a free inspection and free estimate while the sun is still shining and while you and your house and belongings are still dry. Call us. 

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